The Richard and Roxane Music School

Richard Martinez is a full time musician. Teaching music is the primary part of of his business. He is a member of The Morning Glory String Band which plays Old Time Music, Blue Grass and Blues. He is also a member of the Allegretto Ensemble. This group plays classical music and waltzes. Richard has recorded music with both of these groups. Music samples can be heard here.

Roxane Martinez's musical parents encouraged her early love of music. Starting piano lessons at age three, she added violin studies at age seven; she continued studying and performing in orchestras and string quartets through to college. Her educational background has included high school teaching and administrative work, including music curriculum development, music instruction and orchestra conducting.



Violin, Guitar, Piano, Mandolin and Bass

Monday through Saturday lessons for all ages. Individualized instruction.

Cost: $80 a month, due on the first week of the month. Cost includes four 30 minute lessons a month. New students may pay $25 for the first lesson.


Students perform together at Music School

Contact Richard or Roxane: (760) 414-9951


Location: 2040 Westwood Road Vista, CA 92083


Directions: Exit 78 at Emerald Ave. Go North

Go approximately 100 yards, turn Left on West Drive

Go two blocks to Cedar and turn Right

Go 100 yards, turn Right onto Westwood Road  (2nd property on      right, sign in front)


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